The company Okna PVC has been present in the market since 1994. In the year 1998 it began manufacturing its own windows and doors in the KBE system, one of the leading systems of the Profine Polska group. Intelligent using of natural resources and actions aiming at protecting the environment have become decisive criteria in manufacturing uPVC window profiles. It is Profine - as the main producer in the window sector - that leads the initiative protecting the environment. Entire elimination of lead during the production of uPVC profiles is one of the most ambitious challenges of the whole window sector. Lead, for a long time, has been an indispensable ingredient used in PVC stabilization. Thanks to Greenline the company Profine has initiated a breakthrough in the window sector. Instead of using lead we applied environmentally-friendly calcium-zinc stabilizers which can retain functional and optical properties of the material. Profine - a forerunner among producers of uPVC profiles - consistently eliminating lead stabilizer, made customers set a high value on the idea of greenline. Greenline windows have a lot of advantages: they are durable, stable, easy in maintenance, weather resistant and guarantee exceptionally good thermal insulation, which substantially reduces energy consumption, which in turn, reduces carbon emissions to the environment. Another vital advantage is that ecological greenline windows are 100% recyclable. The windows are in a standard way equipped with Siegenia-Aubi hardware, which give them individual character. Our company, apart from the production, offers such services as: installation of its own products, selling interior and exterior blinds, window sills, roof windows and mosquito screens.